Tooth Implants

a womans teeth being compared to an array of teeth

People who have lost teeth—whether due to accidents, poor oral hygiene, or genetics—sometimes have difficulties speaking or chewing. Often, this condition even leads to self-consciousness about laughing or smiling. While dentures are the most common solution for this issue, surgically inserted implants are often a more permanent and comfortable method of treatment. If your gums and jaw are healthy and strong, implants may be a good alternative to removable partials or a semi-permanent bridge.

TMJ Disorders

a female with a toothache

While many cases of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders are treated with bite plates or jaw exercises, some extreme cases can only be relieved by surgery. As techniques advance, however, surgery is becoming a much more common treatment option, even for milder cases. Your dentist or surgeon should be able to help you determine which type of surgery (if any) would be most beneficial for your specific case, whether it be a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure or a complete jaw replacement.

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Wisdom Teeth

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Having impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth can be an incredibly painful experience. In order to prevent or alleviate this pain, surgical removal of the wisdom teeth is a fairly routine practice. Depending on the severity of your situation—whether your wisdom teeth are fully developed, if they’re set straight in or your jaw, or whether they have emerged from your gums or not—the involvement of the removal surgery and resultant recovery time will vary. View the wisdom tooth tab for more information on this.

Post-Surgery Care

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Follow-up care after a major oral surgery is one of the most crucial aspects of the process. Immediately after surgery, the body’s natural defenses may be lowered, making you more susceptible to oral infections. In order to prevent any post-surgery issues, it is very important to follow your dentist’s or maxillofacial surgeon’s advice for care. Often this will involve gently rinsing with a saline solution, refraining from hard, sticky, or chewy foods, and regularly taking analgesics for pain management.